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Amy Pond Costuming
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Amy Pond and Doctor Who Cosplay

Hello! I’m Lauren. I’m starting this community as a little way to review and organise my Doctor Who cosplay collection (because I do so like to put things in order!) and also as a resource for others, whether you’re a long-time collector or new.

When I started collecting a few years ago many others were already in full swing and there was a lot of information out there – and still is. However, some of it is now out of date. Creators of lists moved on to other things, and since then there’s been new discoveries, costumes, or corrections. Given the amount of help so many collectors gave me when I started out this is my way of giving back, and contributing something extra to the community.

I’m primarily an Amy Pond collector. My dream situation is to have all her things, and I’m chipping gradually away at that goal. I also collect Clara but only the items that I like; and occasionally other companion gear if I fancy it. I might include a few of these pieces as we go on, but I’ll mainly be concentrating on Amy’s stuff.

Something to keep in mind is that we all have different body types, so when I’m reviewing something I’m only doing it with my own shape in mind. For the record, I’m a UK10-12, 5’7 tall and around a 34F in the bust. So quite different than Karen, which means that not all of Amy’s stuff fits me the same way.

If you're just starting out with collecting, this article may help.

This place would not be possible without the following resources - and huge huge thanks to everyone who has contributed to the knowledge banks:

Bad Wolf Closet on Tumblr
Amy Pond Costuming and Collecting, and Sea of Ponds on Facebook
...and most of all, the brilliant LJ comm, dw_cosplay.

These groups all gave me the very best start, so thank you! :)

Or: is Clara's look more your style? Then you need to visit Chrissi at Clara Oswald Cosplay or here at Wordpress. Her review blog is without parallel, and the images are just beautiful.

Use of images. Images of individual costume pieces are of items in my collection, and were taken by me, unless otherwise specified. These images are the ones of clothes on hangers and watermarked costumes on mannequins.

Please do not repost elsewhere without permission. This includes using them for sale listings. Thanks!

You can also find me:
daisy.sway on Instagram
teacupblue on Depop (sales)

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