Amy Pond wigs

Okay, it's time to talk about Amy and her fabulous hair. Recently I've had several different people contact me through my Insta account, asking about the wigs I use.  So I thought it might be helpful to take a little detour from SA clothes and write about the wig situation over on my end!

For the longest time I didn't bother with wigs. It just didn't really blip on my radar? I don't know. I was more interested in collecting Amy's wardrobe than I was in getting into her character, I suppose. But as my collection grew and I started taking more photos it seemed like a fun idea to get a wig. And now I have four.

Character wigs are great because they help make you more recognisable in that part. It sort of caps off your entire look (if you don't naturally have that kind of hair!) However, they are not necessary to cosplaying, just as having SA pieces isn't necessary - it's still all about how you interpret the character, and how you choose to present. I have fallen in love with wigs purely because they really help me get into character. If you look back at early Insta posts, where I'm sans wig, I'm good, I'm okay, I'm fine. But the later posts where I'm wigified, you can see there's something different in me. I feel it's the connection to finding Amy and embodying that character.

There are a couple of well-known Amy wigs among cosplayers. If you google 'Amy Pond wig' you get a few hits. However I did not use any of those. They were quite old recommendations and I thought there would be something new, and probably less expensive, on the market in 2018.

So why do I have four? Well, Amy changes her hair a lot. I cosplay a lot of Amy's looks, and the same wig just wouldn't cut it for me.  So here's my four, with a few notes and images.

W66: Light Ginger Auburn Mix from Studio7-UK
(they also have an eBay store.)

studio7uk 2b Sonickd
This is my most recent purchase. It's debut was at Oz Comic Con earlier this month. I really love the colour of this blend (I have another in it further down, different style) because it catches the light beautifully and isn't too red. You need to mind how coppery your wig is to try and realistically match Amy's colour.

I found this to be a really comfortable wig. It wasn't too heavy, and sat well. It is not lace front, which tend to be more realistic and expensive, but I like Studio7's wigs, and their prices and shipping costs are quite good. It's very soft to the touch and detangles well.

(A note on this: I used to work in a costume shop and cared for wigs a lot, so I can speak with some authority here when I say don't brush your wigs. Lay it on a hard surface, press one palm firmly down above where you want to detangle, and gently move a wide-toothed comb through the area. It's vital you press down to prevent accidentally yanking fibres out of the cap.)

I'd wear this one with many Season 5 looks - Amy central parts, or just off-centre parts frequently, so it could be easily styled.

Many thanks to Lightreaver Photography for the second pic.

W87 Auburn Dark Ginger from Studio7-UK

studio7uk 3 studio7uk 3b

I only have a couple of images wearing this because I don't like this one much. The fibres a beautiful, but the colour is a little too dark (though it came up fine with this filter) and I don't like the way it sits. It feels more Jessica Rabbit than Amy Pond. It styled across Season 6 style in a passable fashion but it just looked like, well, a wig. It just goes to show how good cropping and filters can change everything because this wig looks bloody awesome in the two shots above, but I probably won't wear it again.

W96 Light Ginger Auburn Mix from Studio7-UK

I love this one! It's so versatile. Sorry about all the images but it can be worn in so many ways that I felt the need to show the different ways I've used it. The fringe is long enough to tuck behind the ears, or a band, and with this you can use it as a (bit more glamorous) Season 5 wig - but it's my Season 7 go-to.

I've worn this one for long periods of time at cons. Great though it looks, it does move around a bit on the scalp. I haven't used Spirit Gum with it though perhaps I should, because the little combs inside the cap don't hold it well to my noggin. I have to fix it back into place a lot, mainly because it's quite heavy, and moves back. And if you're wearing it with heavy gear - like the Night Terrors Scarf and jacket, then it quickly gets very hot.

This wig does require a good deal of care and careful combing (see instructions above) after use to prevent tangling.

Hivision Lace Front
Hisense 1 Hisense 2
I bought this one (my first) from a second-party seller on eBay selling Hivision wigs, which I believe are Chinese-made. This one had no particular fancy name, just something like 'long dark red lace front'. When it came, it was extremely long (I'm still not sure if I messed up with the measurements, or the seller did) which required me to sit in an empty bathtub with the wig on a head-sized jar trimming it with a pair of scissors.

I did a passable job!

The wig is extremely soft and tangle-resistant. It's lace front but it's not one of the better lace fronts I've seen. It does sit very nicely though, and is quite light on the noggin and breathable. I like it because it is a good Season 5 and Season 6 wig, however the colour is quite bright and in the wrong light it can look very, very bad.

I hope you find this useful - please feel free to ask me any questions, as always!

Polo Ralph Lauren Holiday Tartan Sweater, Reindeer Crew Neck

Christmas Special

This hideous jumper is seen briefly (thank God) on Amy at the end of The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe. It's actually menswear, and the last retail price I can find for it was £300, from Ralph Lauren.

For reasons I will never understand, Ralph Lauren made countless jumpers like this, including a very similar one with a different, snowflake-style pattern around the neck and shoulders.

A couple of cosplayers I know have this. I have never tried to find it - but if you do, bear in mind it will likely be expensive given the designer. However, it's only worn briefly and is a more obscure Pond piece, so you may not suffer enormous competition.  The pattern is also known as 'fairisle' so it wouldn't hurt to search under that. Or you could just search for 'revolting knitwear' - it might pop up. ;)

We have just one poor picture to support what Amy wears under this - a behind the scenes shot snapped on the street. It shows Amy appearing to wear her Superdry skirt, Curse of the Black Spot tights and black Docs underneath.


Amy Pond Christmas Amy Pond Christmas Gun

Amy's Blue Blazer

Amy Pond Blue Blazer

The blazer Amy wears in Season 5 has not yet, to my knowledge, been identified. She wears it in Amy's Choice and in The Lodger, both times with the Baxter Jeans and Oasis boots, but with different tops beneath (which are also unidentified.) It's also shown in the flashback-to-The-Lodger sequence in The Big Bang. These two episodes were the last filmed for Season 5, in the same block, so I guess they got lazy with costume and just put her in basically the same thing twice.

It's a three quarter length jacket in deep blue. It has two buttons at the front (though always worn open) and two large, square pockets. It is fitted in design and cropped. The most interesting and unique aspect of the blazer is the interior. The lining is actually checked! It's white with a black checked pattern, though this is only visible briefly. The best image we have is the second image from Amy's Choice below, and a brief glimpse in the flashback.  I love this little detail! It gives me hope that one day the SA blazer will be identified with help of this unique aspect.

Amy Pond Blue Blazer 2 Amy Pond Blue Blazer
Amy's Choice

Amy Pond Blue Blazer 3 Amy Pond Blue Blazer The Lodger
The Lodger

Amy Pond Blazer
The Big Bang

Allsaints Echo Top in Chalk

IMG_20180510_091808 IMG_20180510_091817

This lovely cotton top was crazy elusive for me. Oh, it appears on resale sites all the time, but often at exorbitant prices or not in my size. Amy wears it only briefly in her Closing Time appearance, but it was actually one of the pieces that I've always really liked and wanted to find. Perhaps the flowy white is a throwback to my hippie teens and I felt nostalgic.

Allsaints is a brand Amy turned to a lot in her later appearances - and so did River and Clara, so clearly Wardrobe liked them too. However it's also a kind of deadly brand for cosplayers, for two reasons. First is that it's pricier, so even purchasing secondhand can set you back and second, its clothes can be kind of weird fitting. For example, Amy's brogue dress from Asylum of the Daleks is a really bizarre cut, with the pockets almost at your arse. Clara's jacket from Nightmare in Silver and The Rings of Akhaten is notoriously tight in the shoulders. Their stuff is lovely but you do need to research this brand more than most to ensure what you buy is going to fit.

With that in mind, I knew right away that a cotton top from Allsaints was not one that I could size down in. And I was pretty sure that a UK12, my usual size, wasn't going to cut it here either. 100% cotton does not give and neither do my breasts, so I spent my time looking for a 14.

It has a lovely, Victorian-style feel and flow. The 14 is a perfect fit on me and very flattering even with all the fabric (if something's too loose, my figure gets lost and I look frumpy) because it is fitting like it is meant to. The lace inserts and pintucking are very beautiful details and it has nine concealed snap closures running down the front - a nice change from buttons. There are no zips. Given the design of this top it's one that you really do need to have fitting you properly or it's just not going to work.

Allsaints really flogged this style for a bit there. Not only did the Echo top also come in a soft grey and a black, but they also had a longer version called the Echo Tailcoat, and then also a dress in similar style. The dress is easy to exclude but you do need to check you're not accidentally ordering the longer Tailcoat. They are quite different when compared side-by-side but at first glance an unfamiliar eye could easily mistake one for the other.

Amy wears this with the Carvela Scarp boots, the White Stuff scarf, Oasis jeans an an unidentified dogtooth jacket. Despite it's brief appearance, this is one of my favourite Amy ensembles.

CT O1 1 Amy Pond Closing Time Scarf
Closing Time

H&M v-neck cardigan

IMG_20180429_143828 IMG_20180429_143837

H&M churns out an enormous amount of clothes and many of them are extremely similar. The cardigan that Amy wears in The Curse of the Black Spot is one of dozens of near-identical designs produced in a rainbow of colours. However, the SA has a few key features which differentiate it from the rest.

It has seven buttons running down the front, from the centre of the v to the wide ribbing. Two of the buttons are in the ribbing - that's the key. I've looked at a lot of cardigans and most of them have a thin rib with only one button.

Now - the colour. This is one of those frustrating items where it looks totally different depending on the light it's cast in. In the first image below it looks white, but the description that went with the auction said it was 'dusty pink' - so there's more colour in the knit than has been picked up. The cardigan I have is much rosier. After agonising for awhile, I settled on this colour as SA enough for me. Probably, mine is too dark - but we see it in the episode only under the TARDIS lights and in the dark on the pirate ship, so I think there is more warmth in it than how it appears on the mannequin.

H&M generally fits true to size and the same is right for this. Mine is a large and a little too big, but I think that's probably best when wearing it over the cotton Uniqlo shirt. It is made of cotton/polymide.

There's thousands of listings for H&M cardigans so you need to comb through them carefully. There's a myriad of colours you could enter to help in your search - dusty pink, peach, light pink or light orange or salmon might all lead you to the right one. You shouldn't have to pay very much for it so this is possibly a SA item you can get on the cheap.

cotbs ref
Amy Pond Curse of the Black Spot 2 Amy Pond Curse of the Black Spot 3

The Curse of the Black Spot

Unidentified Blue Blouses

Amy is put in blue quite often in Season 7. She has three blouses that are all similar and only one is identified - the Whistles blue blouse, which I've reviewed here. For convenience's sake, I'm going to cover both unidentified blouses in this entry ... if they're ever identified they can be separated then!

PL E1 1
The Power of Three
The first alternate blue top is also seen in Pond Life, in episode 1. It's kind of confusing because it's really similiar to the Whistles blouse, which appears in episode 4 and then in The Power of Three. However, if you look closely there are three differences. The first is the way the material falls. The Whistles top is soft cotton; this one looks slinkier, softer still, like viscose or silk. The second is the cuffs. It is more fitted in the unidentified top, and the gathering from sleeve to cuff is different. The third the structure of the blouse itself. The Whistles top has a distinctive folded seams across the front, whereas this one neat darts high up on the shoulder. I think that's the technical term? Anyway, here they are side by side below. The unidentified top is on the left and Whistles on the right.

The other unidentified blue blouse is from The Power of Three. It's the top we see Amy in when she and Rory are returning home after traveling with the Doctor, and then talk in the garden. In my head I refer to it the 'hospital scrubs' top because that's exactly what it looks like. It's a darker blue, loose, short-sleeved top. She wears a white singlet beneath (probably the same from under the Whistles blouse, above). She also wears the UGG boots and jeans, possibly the Whistles Alice Roll-Ups, and the Gogo Philip necklace.

An interesting bit of trivia here is that in the kitchen scene, Karen has her own hair. But in the very next scene she's wearing her rug. (In case you didn't know - Karen had cut her hair after the official filming for S7 was finished, so when she came back to film pick-ups with Arthur later on,  they needed to furnish her with a wig for continuity.) So the second scene where Amy and Rory reflect on their life must've been added in later in the reshoots - when they came back to film Pond Life and the extra scene where they wake up in the graveyard in The Angels Take Manhattan. I think the garden scene is a really nice touch so I'm glad they decided to include it.

POT O1 4
POT O1 3 POT O1 2
The Power of Three
After so much time has passed, and with so few decent images, it is unlikely these will be identified.

Edit 21/04/18: The first top from Pond Life episode 1 appears to have been identified! haventusedmycup has located Aubin & Wills Beachwood Blouse in Wedgewood blue - and it looks like a very good match! It's hard to be 100% sure but the gathering at the shoulder, structure, colour and cuff detail all look excellent to me - I think this is the one! Have a look in the comments of this post for her pictures.

It also makes sense that she would have at least one other item by Aubin & Wills, since wardrobe purchased at least one other item from them for Pond Life.

Topshop Baxter Skinny Jeans in Black

Amy Topshop Baxters

Topshop still makes the Baxter brand of jeans, though they seem less popular and less available than some of their other designs. I think this is simply because the Baxter cut is not as trendy as that *shudder* horrifying 'Mom' cut. (Certainly meaning no offense to anyone who does like that style, but I'm a child of the 80s and that cut just brings back terrible fashion memories. It will never be cooooool!) Anyway, the Baxter is a skinny jean with a low-rise.

What makes Amy's different than the Baxters still on sale today is that hers had little studs on the back pockets. It does not appear that they make them with these anymore. When you're hunting for these make sure you get a picture of the literal backside of the jeans to check if there is the stud detail. That was a fun sentence to write.

I've half-heartedly looked for these when bored and I found most Baxters on resale sites are lacking the studs but now and again, you will find a pair that has them. They also came different colours - several washes of blue, and also indigo. I've tried to locate better pictures of Amy's but the most reliable - and the only one I'm pretty sure is SA, is the one above which I sourced from BadWolf Closet on Tumblr.

Amy wears these several times throughout Season Five. The examples below are ones where it's certain, or nearly certain, that she has them on. However I'm pretty sure that any time she has a pair of black jeans on during Season 5 it's going to be these ones.

I have not seen anyone selling these though I know a few Amys who have them. Unless you want total completion it's probably more cost effective, time effective and flattering to find a good pair of black skinnies which fit you well, rather than trawling through resale sites for the actual Baxters.

Or you could just buy a new Topshop pair sans studly goodness.

Amy Pond Amy's Choice
Amy's Choice

Amy Pond Blue Blazer The Lodger
The Lodger

Amy Pond The Pandorica Opens Jeans Amy Pond The Pandorica Opens Jeans 2

The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang
You can see the stud detail in these top two images.

The Mis-ID'd A Town Called Mercy shoes

Amy's key footwear in Season 7 are brogues - beautiful lace-up shoes with a small heel. She wears a tan pair by Dune in a number of episodes, including Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Angels Take Manhattan and with her main outfit in The Power of Three.

When researching her shoes in A Town Called Mercy I found a few sources were calling this pair of navy/blue brogues, also from Dune, screen accurate:

ATCM dune brogue

There was no product name attached to them anywhere I could find, just this image. And they are a hella nice pair of shoes. But when I started looking closer, I realised this is an incorrect ID. Here's some close-ups of her shoes from the episode.


Not very helpful. For one thing, the dust and lighting makes them look rather ambiguous in colour. However the detailing is enough that you can tell these are far less decorative than the identified pair and, most telling, it has five lace-holes, not four.

Fortunately we have that great photoshoot she did with Matt in costume, and we can glean much better detailing from these:
atcms5 atcms4

These images are much clearer, and they're a match to the pair worn in episode (I don't necessarily trust promos after The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang Oasis/Loblan switcheroos.) The detail is also very good - I think we can definitely rule out the first pair of shoes as a misidentification. Are they navy, though? The lighting might be throwing us, but in these images it looks like her tights are navy and the shoes, black.

It would be really nice to finish this post with the actual ID. At this stage, all I can say is that it's likely these are a pair of Dune shoes. She does live in the Lydsey brogues for so many other episodes, and the shape and design is familiar. More information to follow ....!

18/04/18: More Information already! haventusedmycup pointed out that in The Time of the Doctor, Amy is wearing a different pair of shoes again. These ones look more like the mid-ID'ed shoes, which is maybe where that ID came from!

Time of the Doctor Amy Shoes

Handmade Night Terrors Scarf Replica

This entry is quite different to all my past ones. You might remember this entry, where I wrote about the Noa Noa scarf and it's impossibility to find, and my dissatisfaction with all alts I had found. Not long after writing, I decided to learn how to knit with the sole intention of making this scarf.

It sounds crazy, but perhaps there was some deeper calling at work here. My mother gave me a whole set of old knitting needles, which turned out to by my paternal grandmother's. She died when I was quite small, and all my own memories of her are quite sad - she was sick and remote. I never knew her. Through knitting I discovered she was a very prolific, very fine, knitter. Apparently she was tremendously good and knitted beautiful and difficult garments at great speed. I loved that I was learning to knit on her own needles, which had been sitting aside (waiting for me?) for twenty-five years.

My mother showed me a few things but knitting isn't really her forte, and we live an hour apart so I couldn't readily consult with her. I turned instead to my work colleague - one of my best friends, and who feels like family to me - and she taught me many things. She's a terrific knitter, and enormously patient. She helped me fix many a mistake on this project and taught me the most important thing to learn when you are knitting - how to hold the yarn.

I started off with little projects. I learned some different stitches and played around for awhile before I decided to start the scarf. I began mid February.

Night Terrors Scarf Beginning

Sew Krafty has a really good Night Terrors scarf pattern. I adapted a few different things from her pattern. The first is the yarn used. I regard this scarf as my prototype - I wasn't going to spend a lot of money on really nice wool when I wasn't sure if I would stick with the project. There was no way I'd keep going if I wasn't enjoying it but fortunately, I discovered that I love knitting! So for this one, I used good-quality acrylic instead of wool blends. I also changed the colours. I cannot be sure if the SA scarf is black and blue, or blue and blue, but I've always felt it was the latter. So rather than using black I changed it up to navy. I also changed the pattern slightly because I hate jogging (the effect when you change colours and you get a thin line of stitches of the previous colour overlapping). I wanted clean colour blocks, so I added a knit row as the first row of each colour change. I also chose to make my scarf slightly smaller in width and cast on 76 stitches.

I made every mistake you can possibly make. My most common mistake was adding a stitch (I never dropped, curiously, always added) which I did by knitting or purling when I should've done the other but holding the wool in the wrong position, which made this revolting mutant stitch that you didn't notice until you were knitting the row above. I learned to constantly check my work after each row, and, if I felt I hadn't concentrated hard enough, counting the stitches to make sure there were always 76 at the end. The best error I made is this one:

Night Terrors Scarf Error

I mean ... how'd I even do that? The lady who taught me reckons she knows but I still don't get how I possibly could've done it. I had to take the damn thing off the needle and rip it back a really long way to fix it. Slipping it back on the needle after was extremely tense. I had to do this two or three times.

And now, it's finished. I can scarcely believe that I did this. The sense of accomplishment is huge. When I look at my scarf I can see each knit and purl laboriously learned, each rib fashioned, and the odd little mistake peppered here and there (five, to be exact.) And now I have a new hobby - I'm starting a Slytherin scarf for my friend, then a Ravenclaw scarf for another, then a Star Trek Captain's uniform-themed scarf for my brother .... and I'm just loving it. When I'm a little more skilled I plan to make Amy's red lace scarf from Season 5. And, of course, remake this one with really nice wool. But I think that can probably wait a year.

One more thing ... this scarf is huge! It's 87 inches. It got a little longer than I would've liked, but I don't mind.

Night Terrors Scarf 3

If you'd like to see pics of the scarf in action - and my other Amy cosplays - add me on Instagram: universalpond .

Kurt Geiger Carvela Scarp Boots in Tan

Amy Pond Carvela Scarp

These shoes are pretty cool in that they actually seem to belong to Karen, who wore them to set. They were seen only briefly in the Season 6 episode Closing Time, but Karen wore them on at least two different occasions as street wear around the same period.

The boots are very comfortable with a good, solid heel. The heel and sole of the boot is made from a rubbery material, which makes every step padded. My pair are a size up from what I usually wear in shoes but they fit very well - I know they're going to be great for winter because my thicker tights will pad them out nicely.

It came in at least three colours in the suede - the tan, chocolate brown, and grey. There was also a patent leather shiny black version. There's also another version that came in both grey and tan which had braiding across the toes, but it otherwise identical to the Scarp - so check the details closely! The SA boots (pictured) are sometimes called Desert Boots and I've seen them called beige, camel, and natural. Confusing, no! Makes searching resale sites hard...

The last price I can find for the boots sold new was $AUD240 (£130). As they were originally expensive boots you do need to factor that in to their resale price - if you can find them. I can think of only one occasion where I saw a cosplayer selling them and it was many moons ago. I've been looking for these, off and on, for like four years or something. I finally got lucky and managed to get them for (including postage to Australia) about $AUD70.

I love how versatile they are. They look amazing styled with jeans like Karen and Amy below, but they are also great with autumnal colours and winter skirts. I sense I will be practically living in these all winter.

Amy Pond Closing Time shoes
Closing Time

Carvela Scarp Karen Gillan Carvela Scarp Karen Gillan red
Karen Gillan street wear