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Whistles Billy Parka

Whistles Billy Parka impossipondrobe 1 Whistles Billy Parka impossipondrobe 2

This wonderful parka eluded me for so long! I think the problem is much the same as I wrote about with the Paul Smith tee - it's such a timeless style that once purchased, people are pretty loath to part with them. Plus, the sheer versatility of this particular parka makes it a wardrobe staple you want to hold on to. As such, they rarely appear on resale sites, and rarely are they offered up for sale even by 'retiring' cosplayers. (Which was, incidentally, how I finally got mine!)

The parka was originally retailed at £125.00, which isn't too bad considering it was by Whistles. The quality is ... amazing. I had a idea in my mind of what this parka would feel like, which was kind of rough. However, it's incredibly soft, lightweight cotton, with a lovely chambray lining. It feels beautiful on. It's. So. Soft! The design is sort of complex - drawstrings here, drawstrings there, snap fastenings, toggles and pockets - but it has a gorgeous, natural fit. It doesn't feel like any parka I've ever worn before. This is no shapeless mess, but a classy, fitted affair. Everything is adjustable, and the pockets are very deep.

It's an extremely generous fit. Mine is an 8, two sizes down what I usually wear, and it's just right. It can still zip and button up with room to spare. I would not recommend sizing up in this parka as you may find yourself suffocating in cotton poplin, but you can size down at least two sizes, perhaps more if you have a smaller bust.

While the SA is rare af, it's easy to find an alt. This is still a trendy style and lots of stores are selling them, and you can turn up a lot of hits on eBay. Whistles have a number of decent alts, too, though all of these seem to have fur trimming on the hood. I refused to get an alt, though ... I was determined to obtain this, and felt if I took on an alt my fire for the hunt might wane! Silly, no? So for the entire time I've been cosplaying Amy I have never been able to cosplay this outfit. Until now. Yay!

Amy wears this on three different occasions during Season 7 and always with stripes!! The first appearance is Pond Life episode 4, with the Aubin & Wills jumper. The second in Pond Life episode 5, with the Reiss jumper, and thirdly and most famously, with the Paul Smith tee in The Angels Take Manhattan.

Always with the stripes...

PL E4 O1
Pond Life Episode 4

PL E5 2 PL E5
Pond Life Episode 5

The Angels Take Manhattan
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