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North Face Sable GTX XCR Hiking Shoe in fossil/ivory

Amy Pond Impossible Astronaut Shoes

Don't you just love practicality? Amy chooses to dress location appropriate in The Impossible Astronaut and at the beginning of The Day of the Moon with a pair of hiking shoes from The North Face. I don't think this particular colour combination is still available, though these shoes turn up often enough on resale sites for them to be found eventually, and I don't think there would be a lot of competition for them nowadays when they do.  However, The North Face is a very trendy outdoor gear brand, so there would likely be competition from non-cosplayers for them.

The product name is quite a mouthful, and I've seen them described in a myriad of colours including 'shroom' which I quite like, but fossil/ivory seems to be the correct title.

Here's North Face's sale specs if you're down with hiking shoe hype:

"These lightweight, low-cut boots from The North Face are both waterproof and breathable thanks to a Gore-Tex® Extended Comfort Range membrane on the nubuck and suede leather uppers, and also feature abrasion-resistant mesh, protective toe and heel caps and gusseted tongues to stop debris creeping in. Cushioning and support is provided by ergonomically designed Northotic® footbeds, while Heal Cradle™ and Snake Plate™ technology contribute stability by keeping heels and forefeet where they should be. Vibram® rubber outsoles on The North Face Women's Sable GTX XCR hiking shoes add sticky traction over varied terrain, keeping you sure-footed and equipped for the challenges ahead."

I do love me some sticky traction™. If I were The North Face I would be trademarking sticky traction. Maybe Sexyland beat them to it, I don't know.

Anyway, I don't own these because they're not really my style and I basically go outdoors only to go back indoors. I do have a pair of Merrils which I got when I was backpacking, and they're similar enough to be pretty darn good alts.

The Impossible Astronaut Amy Amy Pond the Impossible Astronaut
The Impossible Astronaut

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The Day of the Moon
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