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Paul by Paul Smith Women’s Blue Stripe Logo Pocket T-Shirt

The Angels Take Manhattan Top The Angels Take Manhattan Top 2

Fun fact: the episode this top features in, The Angels Take Manhattan, is my least-viewed Pond episode. I'm sure you can guess why. I'm a huge sook, and unless I want to kayak around my flooded sea-of-tears house then I stay well away. (I mean, I still lose it when the Doctor imagines her in TTOTD!) So I think I've only seen this episode ... twice.

Perhaps that's why the universe conspires against me when it comes to this outfit. This is one of Amy's most easily cobbled together, and recognised, but I've never done it. I found the jeans and the necklace early on but the jacket and blouse had eluded me ... until now.

After like searching for 4 years I finally found the Paul by Paul Smith top. And - most surprisingly - brand new?! Someone had an unworn, tags-still-attached, t-shirt in their cosplay muggle* wardrobe of wonders.

Suffice to say, this is a very rare item. My theory for this is pretty straightforward - stripey tops are still in. Go into practically any shop selling clothes and there's stripey tees.They're so versatile and fashionable that nobody who purchased the Paul Smith tee back in the day felt the need to sell it. (Oh, and it's also crazy comfortable, so that helps.) In all my time of cosplaying I've only seen it go for sale once - this time. It was offered as a trade once too, but the other person changed their mind, deciding to keep it to double-up as a Clara piece.

Being on the Paul Smith label, this t-shirt originally sold at the painful price of £68.99.

The tee is white with blue horizontal lines.  The scoop neckline has a blue line which follows it all the way around. At the front there is a single functional pocket. It is not much good, though, as a tan-coloured button is stitched through the top centre. That's fine though - I've never seen much point of boob pockets.

Scattered throughout the tee are little flecks. I never realised until I had it in my hot little hands, but they're actually multicoloured! They're also raised, like individually sewn dots, which gives the tee a really nice texture. The material itself is 95% cotton and 5% viscose, so it's nicely stretchy. I thought mine would be too big as it was an L, but it has a great fit and is nice and slack like how Amy wears hers.

It's worth noting the tee also came in an alternate colour - red stripes instead of blue.

TATM shirt TATM 1
The Angels Take Manhattan

*Term shamelessly stolen from Instagram's ravenhairedclara
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