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Topshop Moto Two Button Shorts, black

Amy Pond Topshop Moto shorts 1 Amy Pond Topshop Moto shorts 2

"I dressed for Rio!"

And here we have Pond's most famous outfits, or at least most talked about. The main talking point is the shorts, of course. I bang on a bit about how brief the Superdry skirt but I reckon this one would give it a run for its' money. When I took them out and showed my housemate she went "is that her UNDERWEAR?" And she wasn't far wrong.

Well, to be fair, they are hotpants. Amy got caught out. She was going somewhere suitable for teeny tiny shorts (though I'm not sure where the jacket came into it - I assume she grabbed that when they landed??) that are more like knickers. In fact these things are so tiny that they're one of the very few cosplay items I own that won't make their way into my regular wardrobe. Not unless I'm going to Rio, I guess. (And lbh, probably not even then.)

Topshop have a few different varieties of black shorts about. At time of writing, high-waisted denim is in, so most resale sites are flooded with shorts that look just like these but are high-rise. (Don't get me started on this frightening trend; I was there in the 90s first time round when high-rise denim was in. It was terrible then, and it's terrible now!) There's also a lot of black shorts with a single button floating around too. So when you're hunting - check rise, and number of buttons, and that should narrow your search down considerably.

Given how small these shorts were they were pretty low on my priority list to find. I browsed for these infrequently and found them on my third go or something. I also discovered there's actually quite a lot about in smaller sizes. You can thank Topshop producing a zillion and the change in trend for denim rise for that!

They fit true to size and in your back pocket. :p

Cold Blood Amy Pond 3 Cold Blood Amy Pond 4
Amy Pond Ted Baker
The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood
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