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Magee of Donegal Blue Striped Robe

Amy Pond The Beast Below costume 1 Amy Pond The Beast Below costume 2

Earlier this year I posted an entry about this robe, though I didn't own it yet. At that stage I had no intention of obtaining the robe. It was (and is) still available for purchase online, but price and postage made it extremely expensive and I resisted temptation. But, earlier this month in a fit of insanity or rationality (depending on your point of view) I finally bought it. So it's time to rewrite and review it properly!

The first thing I noticed is the quality. And yeah, it should be given it's quite an expensive robe, but I was still surprised at how soft and well-made it is. It's thicker than I imagined, has a pleasant summer weight, and two beautiful pockets which (if I dared to wear it all the time) I would certainly put tissues in and then forget to take out before washing. The sash is good and long and detachable, it slides in two loops on either side. Given the quality of the cotton it has a nice drape.

I know some other cosplayers have taken their robes up to match the SA length - but mine seems okay with my height, and a good fit with my ALT nightie. The nightgown underneath has never been identified, but is addressed in an entry here.

The Irish-made robe is actually menswear. You should take this into account when purchasing. It is very roomy, and most sizes would work for most people depending on how you'd like it to fit. I went with an M, which is my usual size, and that turned out to be a perfect choice.

I had this sent to my parents' house as I was anticipating being away when it would be delivered. My father unpacked and checked it for me, and was very taken with it, so now he's going to get one too, and so my father will also be cosplaying his own version of Pond.

The ensemble appears in both The Beast Below and the Night and the Doctor minisodes: Good Night/Bad Night.

Amy Pond The Beast Below 1 Amy Pond The Beast Below 2
The Beast Below Amy
The Beast Below

Amy Pond Good Night Amy Pond Bad Night
Good Night / Bad Night
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