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Amy Pond wigs

Okay, it's time to talk about Amy and her fabulous hair. Recently I've had several different people contact me through my Insta account, asking about the wigs I use.  So I thought it might be helpful to take a little detour from SA clothes and write about the wig situation over on my end!

For the longest time I didn't bother with wigs. It just didn't really blip on my radar? I don't know. I was more interested in collecting Amy's wardrobe than I was in getting into her character, I suppose. But as my collection grew and I started taking more photos it seemed like a fun idea to get a wig. And now I have four.

Character wigs are great because they help make you more recognisable in that part. It sort of caps off your entire look (if you don't naturally have that kind of hair!) However, they are not necessary to cosplaying, just as having SA pieces isn't necessary - it's still all about how you interpret the character, and how you choose to present. I have fallen in love with wigs purely because they really help me get into character. If you look back at early Insta posts, where I'm sans wig, I'm good, I'm okay, I'm fine. But the later posts where I'm wigified, you can see there's something different in me. I feel it's the connection to finding Amy and embodying that character.

There are a couple of well-known Amy wigs among cosplayers. If you google 'Amy Pond wig' you get a few hits. However I did not use any of those. They were quite old recommendations and I thought there would be something new, and probably less expensive, on the market in 2018.

So why do I have four? Well, Amy changes her hair a lot. I cosplay a lot of Amy's looks, and the same wig just wouldn't cut it for me.  So here's my four, with a few notes and images.

W66: Light Ginger Auburn Mix from Studio7-UK
(they also have an eBay store.)

studio7uk 2b Sonickd
This is my most recent purchase. It's debut was at Oz Comic Con earlier this month. I really love the colour of this blend (I have another in it further down, different style) because it catches the light beautifully and isn't too red. You need to mind how coppery your wig is to try and realistically match Amy's colour.

I found this to be a really comfortable wig. It wasn't too heavy, and sat well. It is not lace front, which tend to be more realistic and expensive, but I like Studio7's wigs, and their prices and shipping costs are quite good. It's very soft to the touch and detangles well.

(A note on this: I used to work in a costume shop and cared for wigs a lot, so I can speak with some authority here when I say don't brush your wigs. Lay it on a hard surface, press one palm firmly down above where you want to detangle, and gently move a wide-toothed comb through the area. It's vital you press down to prevent accidentally yanking fibres out of the cap.)

I'd wear this one with many Season 5 looks - Amy central parts, or just off-centre parts frequently, so it could be easily styled.

Many thanks to Lightreaver Photography for the second pic.

W87 Auburn Dark Ginger from Studio7-UK

studio7uk 3 studio7uk 3b

I only have a couple of images wearing this because I don't like this one much. The fibres a beautiful, but the colour is a little too dark (though it came up fine with this filter) and I don't like the way it sits. It feels more Jessica Rabbit than Amy Pond. It styled across Season 6 style in a passable fashion but it just looked like, well, a wig. It just goes to show how good cropping and filters can change everything because this wig looks bloody awesome in the two shots above, but I probably won't wear it again.

W96 Light Ginger Auburn Mix from Studio7-UK

I love this one! It's so versatile. Sorry about all the images but it can be worn in so many ways that I felt the need to show the different ways I've used it. The fringe is long enough to tuck behind the ears, or a band, and with this you can use it as a (bit more glamorous) Season 5 wig - but it's my Season 7 go-to.

I've worn this one for long periods of time at cons. Great though it looks, it does move around a bit on the scalp. I haven't used Spirit Gum with it though perhaps I should, because the little combs inside the cap don't hold it well to my noggin. I have to fix it back into place a lot, mainly because it's quite heavy, and moves back. And if you're wearing it with heavy gear - like the Night Terrors Scarf and jacket, then it quickly gets very hot.

This wig does require a good deal of care and careful combing (see instructions above) after use to prevent tangling.

Hivision Lace Front
Hisense 1 Hisense 2
I bought this one (my first) from a second-party seller on eBay selling Hivision wigs, which I believe are Chinese-made. This one had no particular fancy name, just something like 'long dark red lace front'. When it came, it was extremely long (I'm still not sure if I messed up with the measurements, or the seller did) which required me to sit in an empty bathtub with the wig on a head-sized jar trimming it with a pair of scissors.

I did a passable job!

The wig is extremely soft and tangle-resistant. It's lace front but it's not one of the better lace fronts I've seen. It does sit very nicely though, and is quite light on the noggin and breathable. I like it because it is a good Season 5 and Season 6 wig, however the colour is quite bright and in the wrong light it can look very, very bad.

I hope you find this useful - please feel free to ask me any questions, as always!
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