Paul by Paul Smith Women’s Blue Stripe Logo Pocket T-Shirt

The Angels Take Manhattan Top The Angels Take Manhattan Top 2

Fun fact: the episode this top features in, The Angels Take Manhattan, is my least-viewed Pond episode. I'm sure you can guess why. I'm a huge sook, and unless I want to kayak around my flooded sea-of-tears house then I stay well away. (I mean, I still lose it when the Doctor imagines her in TTOTD!) So I think I've only seen this episode ... twice.

Perhaps that's why the universe conspires against me when it comes to this outfit. This is one of Amy's most easily cobbled together, and recognised, but I've never done it. I found the jeans and the necklace early on but the jacket and blouse had eluded me ... until now.

After like searching for 4 years I finally found the Paul by Paul Smith top. And - most surprisingly - brand new?! Someone had an unworn, tags-still-attached, t-shirt in their cosplay muggle* wardrobe of wonders.

Suffice to say, this is a very rare item. My theory for this is pretty straightforward - stripey tops are still in. Go into practically any shop selling clothes and there's stripey tees.They're so versatile and fashionable that nobody who purchased the Paul Smith tee back in the day felt the need to sell it. (Oh, and it's also crazy comfortable, so that helps.) In all my time of cosplaying I've only seen it go for sale once - this time. It was offered as a trade once too, but the other person changed their mind, deciding to keep it to double-up as a Clara piece.

The tee is white with blue horizontal lines. The scoop neckline has a blue line which follows it all the way around. At the front there is a single functional pocket. It is not much good, though, as a tan-coloured button is stitched through the top centre. That's fine though - I've never seen much point of boob pockets.

Scattered throughout the tee are little flecks. I never realised until I had it in my hot little hands, but they're actually multicoloured! They're also raised, like individually sewn dots, which gives the tee a really nice texture. The material itself is 95% cotton and 5% viscose, so it's nicely stretchy. I thought mine would be too big as it was an L, but it has a great fit and is nice and slack like how Amy wears hers.

TATM shirt TATM 1
The Angels Take Manhattan

*Term shamelessly stolen from Instagram's ravenhairedclara

Topshop Moto Two Button Shorts, black

Amy Pond Topshop Moto shorts 1 Amy Pond Topshop Moto shorts 2

"I dressed for Rio!"

And here we have Pond's most famous outfits, or at least most talked about. The main talking point is the shorts, of course. I bang on a bit about how brief the Superdry skirt but I reckon this one would give it a run for its' money. When I took them out and showed my housemate she went "is that her UNDERWEAR?" And she wasn't far wrong.

Well, to be fair, they are hotpants. Amy got caught out. She was going somewhere suitable for teeny tiny shorts (though I'm not sure where the jacket came into it - I assume she grabbed that when they landed??) that are more like knickers. In fact these things are so tiny that they're one of the very few cosplay items I own that won't make their way into my regular wardrobe. Not unless I'm going to Rio, I guess. (And lbh, probably not even then.)

Topshop have a few different varieties of black shorts about. At time of writing, high-waisted denim is in, so most resale sites are flooded with shorts that look just like these but are high-rise. (Don't get me started on this frightening trend; I was there in the 90s first time round when high-rise denim was in. It was terrible then, and it's terrible now!) There's also a lot of black shorts with a single button floating around too. So when you're hunting - check rise, and number of buttons, and that should narrow your search down considerably.

Given how small these shorts were they were pretty low on my priority list to find. I browsed for these infrequently and found them on my third go or something. I also discovered there's actually quite a lot about in smaller sizes. You can thank Topshop producing a zillion and the change in trend for denim rise for that!

They fit true to size and in your back pocket. :p

Cold Blood Amy Pond 3 Cold Blood Amy Pond 4
Amy Pond Ted Baker
The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

Magee of Donegal Blue Striped Robe

Amy Pond The Beast Below costume 1 Amy Pond The Beast Below costume 2

Earlier this year I posted an entry about this robe, though I didn't own it yet. At that stage I had no intention of obtaining the robe. It was (and is) still available for purchase online, but price and postage made it extremely expensive and I resisted temptation. But, earlier this month in a fit of insanity or rationality (depending on your point of view) I finally bought it. So it's time to rewrite and review it properly!

The first thing I noticed is the quality. And yeah, it should be given it's quite an expensive robe, but I was still surprised at how soft and well-made it is. It's thicker than I imagined, has a pleasant summer weight, and two beautiful pockets which (if I dared to wear it all the time) I would certainly put tissues in and then forget to take out before washing. The sash is good and long and detachable, it slides in two loops on either side. Given the quality of the cotton it has a nice drape.

I know some other cosplayers have taken their robes up to match the SA length - but mine seems okay with my height, and a good fit with my ALT nightie. The nightgown underneath has never been identified, but is addressed in an entry here.

The Irish-made robe is actually menswear. You should take this into account when purchasing. It is very roomy, and most sizes would work for most people depending on how you'd like it to fit. I went with an M, which is my usual size, and that turned out to be a perfect choice.

I had this sent to my parents' house as I was anticipating being away when it would be delivered. My father unpacked and checked it for me, and was very taken with it, so now he's going to get one too, and so my father will also be cosplaying his own version of Pond.

The ensemble appears in both The Beast Below and the Night and the Doctor minisodes: Good Night/Bad Night.

Amy Pond The Beast Below 1 Amy Pond The Beast Below 2
The Beast Below Amy
The Beast Below

Amy Pond Good Night Amy Pond Bad Night
Good Night / Bad Night

Unidentified Grey T-Shirt

POT O4 3

At first glance, this tee is pretty basic.

It features in The Power of Three and is worn with the Whistles blue jeans, UGG boots (which I must reiterate - ohgoddon'tweartheseoutsidethehouse!) the Gogo Philip necklace, watch and an un-IDed brown belt which pops up frequently in this season.

The tee is a grey marle and looks to be lightweight. From the way it hangs I think it is a soft jersey, or like, fabric. The neckline is a soft V and the sleeves capped. There's an interesting little seam detail where the tiny sleeve joins the shoulder, and no hem on the sleeve as it rolls under itself. It's a nice touch, a step up from completely bland and basic.

There's a decent chance this tee is by Allsaints given is frequency of use in Season 7.

POT O4 5 POT O4 4
The Power of Three

Unidentified Pink Dressing Gown and Pyjamas

POT O2 1

In The Power of Three and Pond Life Amy is seen in a pink dressing gown and pyjama set. These have not yet been ID'd, but as the design is quite common, it's pretty easy to find a good alt.

There's a few different shots but nothing we've seen gives us a lot of detail. I think in most appearances it's just a plain white, or blush, singlet (vest/tank.) However in the second Pond Life episode we can see lace detail on one strap, with another, plainer, strap. It would make sense that it have lace to match the robe, but as we don't see another angle, it's impossible to be sure exactly which top, or tops, she's wearing underneath.

The dressing gown is pale pink with vintage lace trim on the cuffs. It looks to me like it would be slightly stretchy - a cotton, viscose blend perhaps, the sort of thing you can pull tight. It's probably three-quarter length. It does not have a hood.

PL dressing gown
Pond Life Episode 2

PL E3 1
Pond Life Episode 3

POT O2 2 The Power of Three dressing gown
The Power of Three

Amy Pond wigs

Okay, it's time to talk about Amy and her fabulous hair. Recently I've had several different people contact me through my Insta account, asking about the wigs I use.  So I thought it might be helpful to take a little detour from SA clothes and write about the wig situation over on my end!

For the longest time I didn't bother with wigs. It just didn't really blip on my radar? I don't know. I was more interested in collecting Amy's wardrobe than I was in getting into her character, I suppose. But as my collection grew and I started taking more photos it seemed like a fun idea to get a wig. And now I have four.

Character wigs are great because they help make you more recognisable in that part. It sort of caps off your entire look (if you don't naturally have that kind of hair!) However, they are not necessary to cosplaying, just as having SA pieces isn't necessary - it's still all about how you interpret the character, and how you choose to present. I have fallen in love with wigs purely because they really help me get into character. If you look back at early Insta posts, where I'm sans wig, I'm good, I'm okay, I'm fine. But the later posts where I'm wigified, you can see there's something different in me. I feel it's the connection to finding Amy and embodying that character.

There are a couple of well-known Amy wigs among cosplayers. If you google 'Amy Pond wig' you get a few hits. However I did not use any of those. They were quite old recommendations and I thought there would be something new, and probably less expensive, on the market in 2018.

So why do I have four? Well, Amy changes her hair a lot. I cosplay a lot of Amy's looks, and the same wig just wouldn't cut it for me.  So here's my four, with a few notes and images.

W66: Light Ginger Auburn Mix from Studio7-UK
(they also have an eBay store.)

studio7uk 2b Sonickd
This is my most recent purchase. It's debut was at Oz Comic Con earlier this month. I really love the colour of this blend (I have another in it further down, different style) because it catches the light beautifully and isn't too red. You need to mind how coppery your wig is to try and realistically match Amy's colour.

I found this to be a really comfortable wig. It wasn't too heavy, and sat well. It is not lace front, which tend to be more realistic and expensive, but I like Studio7's wigs, and their prices and shipping costs are quite good. It's very soft to the touch and detangles well.

(A note on this: I used to work in a costume shop and cared for wigs a lot, so I can speak with some authority here when I say don't brush your wigs. Lay it on a hard surface, press one palm firmly down above where you want to detangle, and gently move a wide-toothed comb through the area. It's vital you press down to prevent accidentally yanking fibres out of the cap.)

I'd wear this one with many Season 5 looks - Amy central parts, or just off-centre parts frequently, so it could be easily styled.

Many thanks to Lightreaver Photography for the second pic.

W87 Auburn Dark Ginger from Studio7-UK

studio7uk 3 studio7uk 3b

I only have a couple of images wearing this because I don't like this one much. The fibres a beautiful, but the colour is a little too dark (though it came up fine with this filter) and I don't like the way it sits. It feels more Jessica Rabbit than Amy Pond. It styled across Season 6 style in a passable fashion but it just looked like, well, a wig. It just goes to show how good cropping and filters can change everything because this wig looks bloody awesome in the two shots above, but I probably won't wear it again.

W96 Light Ginger Auburn Mix from Studio7-UK

I love this one! It's so versatile. Sorry about all the images but it can be worn in so many ways that I felt the need to show the different ways I've used it. The fringe is long enough to tuck behind the ears, or a band, and with this you can use it as a (bit more glamorous) Season 5 wig - but it's my Season 7 go-to.

I've worn this one for long periods of time at cons. Great though it looks, it does move around a bit on the scalp. I haven't used Spirit Gum with it though perhaps I should, because the little combs inside the cap don't hold it well to my noggin. I have to fix it back into place a lot, mainly because it's quite heavy, and moves back. And if you're wearing it with heavy gear - like the Night Terrors Scarf and jacket, then it quickly gets very hot.

This wig does require a good deal of care and careful combing (see instructions above) after use to prevent tangling.

Hivision Lace Front
Hisense 1 Hisense 2
I bought this one (my first) from a second-party seller on eBay selling Hivision wigs, which I believe are Chinese-made. This one had no particular fancy name, just something like 'long dark red lace front'. When it came, it was extremely long (I'm still not sure if I messed up with the measurements, or the seller did) which required me to sit in an empty bathtub with the wig on a head-sized jar trimming it with a pair of scissors.

I did a passable job!

The wig is extremely soft and tangle-resistant. It's lace front but it's not one of the better lace fronts I've seen. It does sit very nicely though, and is quite light on the noggin and breathable. I like it because it is a good Season 5 and Season 6 wig, however the colour is quite bright and in the wrong light it can look very, very bad.

I hope you find this useful - please feel free to ask me any questions, as always!

Polo Ralph Lauren Holiday Tartan Sweater, Reindeer Crew Neck

Christmas Special

This hideous jumper is seen briefly (thank God) on Amy at the end of The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe. It's actually menswear, and the last retail price I can find for it was £300, from Ralph Lauren.

For reasons I will never understand, Ralph Lauren made countless jumpers like this, including a very similar one with a different, snowflake-style pattern around the neck and shoulders.

A couple of cosplayers I know have this. I have never tried to find it - but if you do, bear in mind it will likely be expensive given the designer. However, it's only worn briefly and is a more obscure Pond piece, so you may not suffer enormous competition.  The pattern is also known as 'fairisle' so it wouldn't hurt to search under that. Or you could just search for 'revolting knitwear' - it might pop up. ;)

We have just one poor picture to support what Amy wears under this - a behind the scenes shot snapped on the street. It shows Amy appearing to wear her Superdry skirt, Curse of the Black Spot tights and black Docs underneath.


Amy Pond Christmas Amy Pond Christmas Gun

Amy's Blue Blazer

Amy Pond Blue Blazer

The blazer Amy wears in Season 5 has not yet, to my knowledge, been identified. She wears it in Amy's Choice and in The Lodger, both times with the Baxter Jeans and Oasis boots, but with different tops beneath (which are also unidentified.) It's also shown in the flashback-to-The-Lodger sequence in The Big Bang. These two episodes were the last filmed for Season 5, in the same block, so I guess they got lazy with costume and just put her in basically the same thing twice.

It's a three quarter length jacket in deep blue. It has two buttons at the front (though always worn open) and two large, square pockets. It is fitted in design and cropped. The most interesting and unique aspect of the blazer is the interior. The lining is actually checked! It's white with a black checked pattern, though this is only visible briefly. The best image we have is the second image from Amy's Choice below, and a brief glimpse in the flashback.  I love this little detail! It gives me hope that one day the SA blazer will be identified with help of this unique aspect.

Amy Pond Blue Blazer 2 Amy Pond Blue Blazer
Amy's Choice

Amy Pond Blue Blazer 3 Amy Pond Blue Blazer The Lodger
The Lodger

Amy Pond Blazer
The Big Bang

Allsaints Echo Top in Chalk

IMG_20180510_091808 IMG_20180510_091817

This lovely cotton top was crazy elusive for me. Oh, it appears on resale sites all the time, but often at exorbitant prices or not in my size. Amy wears it only briefly in her Closing Time appearance, but it was actually one of the pieces that I've always really liked and wanted to find. Perhaps the flowy white is a throwback to my hippie teens and I felt nostalgic.

Allsaints is a brand Amy turned to a lot in her later appearances - and so did River and Clara, so clearly Wardrobe liked them too. However it's also a kind of deadly brand for cosplayers, for two reasons. First is that it's pricier, so even purchasing secondhand can set you back and second, its clothes can be kind of weird fitting. For example, Amy's brogue dress from Asylum of the Daleks is a really bizarre cut, with the pockets almost at your arse. Clara's jacket from Nightmare in Silver and The Rings of Akhaten is notoriously tight in the shoulders. Their stuff is lovely but you do need to research this brand more than most to ensure what you buy is going to fit.

With that in mind, I knew right away that a cotton top from Allsaints was not one that I could size down in. And I was pretty sure that a UK12, my usual size, wasn't going to cut it here either. 100% cotton does not give and neither do my breasts, so I spent my time looking for a 14.

It has a lovely, Victorian-style feel and flow. The 14 is a perfect fit on me and very flattering even with all the fabric (if something's too loose, my figure gets lost and I look frumpy) because it is fitting like it is meant to. The lace inserts and pintucking are very beautiful details and it has nine concealed snap closures running down the front - a nice change from buttons. There are no zips. Given the design of this top it's one that you really do need to have fitting you properly or it's just not going to work.

Allsaints really flogged this style for a bit there. Not only did the Echo top also come in a soft grey and a black, but they also had a longer version called the Echo Tailcoat, and then also a dress in similar style. The dress is easy to exclude but you do need to check you're not accidentally ordering the longer Tailcoat. They are quite different when compared side-by-side but at first glance an unfamiliar eye could easily mistake one for the other.

Amy wears this with the Carvela Scarp boots, the White Stuff scarf, Oasis jeans an an unidentified dogtooth jacket. Despite it's brief appearance, this is one of my favourite Amy ensembles.

CT O1 1 Amy Pond Closing Time Scarf
Closing Time